Bet on tonight's* Super £401 million Jackpot and you could be the UK's biggest winner yet

18+. Deductions & T&C’s apply. Bet on the outcome.

How would you spend a £401 million* jackpot if you were lucky enough to hit the big time? It used to be unimaginable just a few years ago, but now, thanks to, winning a prize that size could be a reality.

You’re probably thinking that the jackpots that you’re used to in the UK don’t reach such heights, and this is where is different. In the past, Brits could only get their hands on jackpots this massive if they actually visited the States, but thanks to’s lottery betting** website, British residents can now place bets on the outcome of America’s lottery giant, Mega Millions.

If that wasn’t enough though, being free from any official lottery caps, can boost the jackpot prizes on offer! Big jackpot fans have access to’s own ‘Super Jackpot’ that is EVEN BIGGER than the official Mega Millions jackpot, just by placing a bet.

So, what could a £401 million* jackpot buy you? Here are some ideas:

- Buy a house on England’s richest street at Kensington Palace Gardens where the average house price is a cool £35 million.