Why York is a UK property investment hotspot

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused people in the UK and globally to take a long hard look at their lives and lifestyles, with working from home now commonplace.

There is a growing demand for green space and more rural locations as people who used to go into the office every day have found themselves working from home and wanting green space either at home or close by. Companies are not able to say that it isn’t possible to work remotely and so employees are hoping that working from home will become a more permanent arrangement, which means there is no requirement to live quite as close to work.

What this means is that people are looking to purchase or rent properties in places that were not typically commuter areas, and which offer a better life/work balance with green space.

York’s property market shows upturn

Property prices and rents in the historic UK city of York are showing higher than average rises as the city’s property market shows an upturn.

York is a major draw for buyers and renters due to its historic charm and its rail links to Leeds and London.

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