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Aldi unveils an huge pigs in blanket Yorkshire Pudding for the festive season.

The Christmad season brings anticipation for festive foods, especially pigs in blankets, as supermarkets unveil their 2023 Christmas selections.

Aldi remains a leader in culinary creativity, presenting an impressive lineup featuring both beloved classics and thrilling new items.

Among the highlights is the return of the Giant Yorkshire Pudding Pig In Blanket, which gained widespread popularity last Christmas.

For those who might not recall, there's an impressive 60cm pig in a blanket nestled inside an enormous Yorkshire Pudding, priced at £4.99 and available from December 14th.

Aldi's Christmas lineup also includes Yorkshire Puddings - a testament to a winning combination.

Their new item is a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap filled with Pigs In Blankets, launching on November 30th.

This dish features two juicy sausages wrapped in smoky bacon, all encased in a buttery Yorkshire pudding wrap, priced at £5.49.

For those who prefer their sausages with less batter, Aldi offers the Specially Selected Brie & Cranberry Candy Cane Pig in Blankets for £2.99. These are uniquely shaped like candy canes and are infused with holiday flavors.

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