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The Ultimate Yorkshire Quiz!

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the heart of Yorkshire? This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Yorkshire's rich history, culture, landscapes, and famous personalities. From the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales to the bustling streets of Leeds and Sheffield, Yorkshire is a land of diversity and charm.

As we dive into these 50 questions, you'll encounter a mix of historical facts, local trivia, famous landmarks, and cultural nuances that make Yorkshire truly unique. Whether you're a proud Yorkshire native, a curious visitor, or just a fan of English culture, this quiz promises to be an entertaining and enlightening experience.

Get ready to challenge yourself and discover the wonders of Yorkshire. Good luck, and may the best Yorkshire enthusiast win!

General Knowledge:

1. What date marks the celebration of Yorkshire Day?

2. Which color forms the background of Yorkshire's county flag featuring a white rose?

3. Name the West Yorkshire village that boasts one of Britain's tallest maypoles.

4. Who are the historical figures celebrated at York's Jorvik Centre?

5. Identify Yorkshire's loftiest pub location.

6. York Minster is dedicated to which saint?

7. Name the town by the River Swale, known for its ancient castle and a famous folk song.

8. Which city in Yorkshire is commonly referred to as ‘The Steel City’?

9. In the ‘Harry Potter’ film series, which Yorkshire railway station was transformed into ‘Hogsmead’?

10. Which prominent Yorkshire city is traversed by The River Don?

Multiple Choice

11. Which of these locations is not part of Yorkshire?

A. Chesterfield

B. Rotherham

C. Leeds

D. Middlesborough

12. Out of these towns, which is located furthest north in Yorkshire?

A. Scarborough

B. Northallerton

C. Pickering

D. Whitby

13. Which among these places in Yorkshire is home to a prominent Minster?

A. Beverley

B. Wakefield

C. Leeds

D. Selby

14. In which Yorkshire town was Ed Sheeran, the famous singer/songwriter, born?

A. Hebden Bridge

B. Halifax

C. Harrogate

D. Huddersfield

15. Where can you find the world's oldest sweet shop, established in 1827?

A. York

B. Pateley Bridge

C. Whitby

D. Skipton

16. Where is the Great Yorkshire Showground located?

A. Harrogate

B. York

C. Leeds

D. Ripon

17. In which town is the 'World of James Herriot' visitor attraction found?

A. Malton

B. Thirsk

C. Northallerton

D. Bedale

18. Which town in Yorkshire is known for its goth festival?

A. Beverley

B. Holmfirth

C. Giggleswick

D. Whitby

19. Where would you find a statue of J.B. Priestley?

A. National Science and Media Museum

B. National Railway Museum

C. Leeds City Museum

D. Yorkshire Sculpture Park

20. Who is the renowned Yorkshire author of the novel ‘Villette’?

A. Charlotte Bronte

B. J B Priestley

C. Emily Bronte

D. Ted Hughes

True or False:

21. Yorkshire, encompassing 2.9 million acres, is the UK's largest county. True or false?

22. The city walls around York are England's shortest. True or false?

23. Eureka! in Halifax is recognized as the UK's first national children's museum. True or false?

24. Did Yorkshire host the Tour de France's Grand Depart in 2014? True or false?

25. Is Meadowhall in Sheffield the largest shopping complex in Europe? True or false?

26. Is the folk song ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at’ known as Yorkshire's unofficial anthem? True or false?

27. The North York Moors Railway, over 18 miles long, is the UK's longest steam operated railway. True or false?

28. Is the World Coal Carrying Championship held in Yorkshire every Easter Monday? True or false?

29. Does Yorkshire house England's oldest operating Coal Factory? True or false?

30. Is Jeremy Clarkson, the famous broadcaster and journalist, originally from Doncaster? True or false?

Trivia in Numbers:

31. How long was the construction period for York Minster?

32. In what year was the Yorkshire Dales National Park founded?

33. What is the total length of York's Medieval City walls?

34. How many gold medals were secured by Yorkshire athletes in the 2012 London Summer Olympics?

35. How many arches does the historic Ribblehead Viaduct have?

36. What was the payment received by Cuthbert Brodrick for designing Leeds Town Hall in the 1850s?

37. How many medieval stained glass windows are there in York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe?

38. What is the total mileage of tracks operated by The North York Moors Railway?

39. How many steps are there to the top of Whitby Abbey?

40. When did Yorkshire first claim victory in the Cricket County Championship?

Film, TV, and Music:

41. Name the Huddersfield-born actor

who received three Academy Award nominations for roles in “The Verdict (1982)”, “A Star Is Born” (1954), and “Georgy Girl” (1966)”.

42. Who is the Mirfield-born actor that portrayed Captain Jean Luc-Picard in the “Star Trek” TV series?

43. In 2002, which TV reality show featured Leeds-born glamour model Nell McAndrew as a contestant?

44. Identify the Sheffield actor who played Alec Trevelyan in the 1995 James Bond film “Goldeneye”.

45. What honorary title was awarded to actor Tom Courtenay in February 2001?

46. At which venue was The Who’s “Live At Leeds” album recorded?

47. What song did Bradford-born Zayn Malik perform at his X Factor audition?

48. Who originally sang “Tainted Love” in 1964, later covered by Leeds-based Soft Cell in 1978?

49. During the “Back To Busking” 1985 tour, who splashed red paint on The Clash’s singer Joe Strummer in Leeds?

50. Before her musical career, which high street store did Kiki Dee work at?

Here are the answers to the Yorkshire trivia quiz:

General Knowledge:

1. Yorkshire Day is celebrated on August 1st.

2. The county flag of Yorkshire features a white rose on a blue background.

3. The tallest maypole in Britain stands in the West Yorkshire village of Barwick-in-Elmet.

4. The Jorvik Centre in York celebrates the Viking people.

5. The highest pub in Yorkshire is The Tan Hill Inn.

6. York Minster is dedicated to Saint Peter.

7. The town on the River Swale famous for its old castle and folk song is Richmond.

8. The city known as ‘The Steel City’ is Sheffield.

9. The Yorkshire railway station that became ‘Hogsmead’ in the first ‘Harry Potter’ film is Goathland Station.

10. The River Don flows through the city of Sheffield.

Multiple Choice:

11. A. Chesterfield is NOT in Yorkshire.

12. D. Whitby is the furthest north in Yorkshire.

13. A. Beverley has a large church called a Minster.

14. B. Ed Sheeran was born in Halifax.

15. B. The world’s oldest sweet shop is located in Pateley Bridge.

16. A. The Great Yorkshire Showground is situated in Harrogate.

17. B. The World of James Herriot visitor attraction is in Thirsk.

18. D. Whitby has a goth festival.

19. A. The statue of J.B. Priestley stands outside the National Science and Media Museum.

20. A. Charlotte Bronte wrote ‘Villette’.

True or False:

21. True. Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK.

22. False. The walls around York are not the shortest city walls in England.

23. True. Eureka! in Halifax is the UK’s first national children’s museum.

24. True. Yorkshire hosted the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014.

25. False. Meadowhall in Sheffield is not Europe’s largest shopping complex.

26. True. ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at’ is the unofficial anthem of Yorkshire.

27. True. The North York Moors Railway is the longest steam operated railway in the UK.

28. True. The World Coal Carrying Championship is held in Yorkshire every Easter Monday.

29. False. Yorkshire does not have the oldest working Coal Factory in England.

30. True. Jeremy Clarkson comes from Doncaster.

Trivia in Numbers:

31. It took 252 years to build York Minster.

32. The Yorkshire Dales National Park was established in 1954.

33. York’s Medieval City walls are 3.4 kilometers long.

34. Yorkshire athletes won 7 gold medals in the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

35. The Ribblehead Viaduct has 24 arches.

36. Cuthbert Brodrick received £200 for designing Leeds Town Hall.

37. York Minster contains 128 medieval stained glass windows.

38. The North York Moors Railway operates on 18 miles of track.

39. There are 199 steps leading up to Whitby Abbey.

40. Yorkshire first won the Cricket County Championship in 1893.

Film, TV, and Music:

41. The actor born in Huddersfield with 3 Academy Award nominations is James Mason.

42. The actor from Mirfield who portrayed Captain Jean Luc-Picard is Patrick Stewart.

43. Nell McAndrew, born in Leeds, was a contestant in "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" in 2002.

44. The actor from Sheffield who played Alec Trevelyan in “Goldeneye” is Sean Bean.

45. Actor Tom Courtenay was awarded the title of Knight Bachelor in February 2001.

46. The Who's “Live At Leeds” album was recorded at the University of Leeds.

47. Zayn Malik sang "Let Me Love You" for his X Factor audition.

48. "Tainted Love" was originally sung by Gloria Jones in 1964.

49. Red paint was thrown over Joe Strummer by an unknown individual.

50. Kiki Dee worked at Boots the Chemist before her musical career.

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